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welcome to

Hy, i am Ben gesicht_rund

One says it is good to document your own work in order to learn from your past projects and give you a bit of motivation to grow and move on.

In order to do so i want to write about my projects, scripts and experience below. I hope you and my future self enjoy it ;-). If you have any feedback, contact me via matrix or mastodon.

About me

I am working on my projects during my free time. Mostly to enrich or simply my "digital life". COVID was a huge booster and i think it is now time to write down my experiences with my past and future projects.

Mainly i am working on my Nextcloud instance or my matrix server. All other things are build around these main projects. For example:

  • Automatic calendar sync between Nextcloud and other instances
  • Secure messaging between different messenger services
  • hardening of Nextcloud and matrix
  • hardening server
  • home automation

I am talking here about setup and configuration, not development. Sure i am also writing some scripts to achieve different goals but i would not call myself a developer.

Also, as described above, it is good to document your own work. I already learned a lot by only writing down what i have done in my systems and achieved some improvements for my services. And as you maybe know, sometimes it is needed to re-setup some services. Therefore these documentations will help a lot in my future.