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Move to Nextcloud

Move to Nextcloud

What is Nextcloud and why should i use it? And for what 😉?

Nextcloud is a fork of owncloud and was started in June 2016. It started as an self hosted file sync and share solution but added over the years more features like calendar/contacts function, mail client, chat+talk function and many more.

And that's where my journey started. The goal was to "de-google" myself and get back control over my data. I wanted to achieve the following:

  • back-up my files from my devices to one place
  • host my own calendar data
  • host my own contact data
  • share files with my family over the internet

These point's developed over years and therefore, i have installed, configured and deleted Nextcloud many times over the years until i really understand what i am doing and how can i use it for the mentioned point's above.

That's because i want to share my journey here.